What Is The Motorcycle Helmet Hook?

Save your motorcycle helmet from being damaged with the motorcycle Helmet Hook!

The Helmet Hook is a fantastic but simple accessory that screws easily onto your handlebars and keeps your helmet safe and secure from falling off your motorcycle.

The purpose of the Helmet Hook is to keep your helmet from falling off the bike and/or getting scratched when hanging it close to metal parts on the bike.
It is also the easiest place to hang your helmet.

Helmet Hanging From Red Motorbike
When you stop to get fuel, stop at that amazing lookout high in the hills or stop at your favourite cafe, simply hang your helmet on the Helmet Hook and it will be safe from harm. No more hanging it on the rear view mirrors only to have to readjust them.

Suzuki V-Strom With Handguard

If you have bar end weights on your bike (and if not, they’re cheap) you can use the Helmet Hook.   The Helmet Hook can be mounted on handle bars with Bar End Weights or Hand Guards and is compatible with virtually every bike on the market. Street Bike, Dirt Bike, ATV, etc. 

Yellow Helmet Hanging From Red Motorcycle

Been shopping? Hang your bags on the Helmet Hook while getting your gloves out of your panniers or top box. Hang the bags and have your hands free to open them.

Do you keep your bike on a Battery Tender? Hang the cables on the Helmet Hook to keep them from dragging on the ground.

Helmet Hook With Ratchet Strap
Simple to install, the Helmet Hook should take you no longer than a few minutes to screw on to your handlebars. You can hang your helmet from either the strap, the D-Rings or other type of attachment and it even works with ratchet straps.

Helmet Hook with padlock

The Helmet Hook is made from 1/4″ ABS Plastic, is very strong and includes a hole in the hook to allow a small padlock to be fitted for security and peace of mind.

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